Our menus feature simple and elegant meals crafted to emphasize fresh, locally-sourced vegetables, meats, and seafood along with several regional dishes and distinctive ingredients or seasonings inspired by our travels. We have a full bar and a retail-priced wine list that showcases the wines of Northern California.

Now listen, our location at 1226 Washington includes three venues, the Dining Room, the Tavern, and the Garden. Join us for a great time in any or all of our venues!

The Dining Room

The Dining Room features a seasonal menu that celebrates the diversity of Northern California foods and wines. Come with your friends. Better yet, come with your enemies and make them your friends! Or at least eat together in uneasy silence without attacking each other for once.

You never know what you'll see in the Dining Room.

. . . after an hour they were still talking, and a few moments later their knees touched under the wooden table. For him it was like a parachute opening. For her it was like something involving an artichoke. —Simon Armitage, "The Accident"

Come on in at your leisure, give us a call, or make a reservation!

The Tavern

The Tavern at 1226 Washington offers internationally inspired comfort foods, beer and wine on tap, and fresh cocktails. The Tavern is where one goes to relax, to drink your health, to regale your companions with tall tales, or to watch people while pretending to be engaged in an interesting book on mollusks.

Clive James said that, in America, "play and seriousness make uneasy bedfellows" and, generally speaking, he's right. But we can say that we are never more serious than when we are at play in the Tavern!

Mr. James is welcome here anytime. Seriously. We have a place at the bar for him.

The Garden

The Garden is where it all began—Adam, Eve, ribs, snakes. Sure, there was shame, but thank God for that. Otherwise, nothing would be titillating.

We serve everything from the menu in the Garden, so if sitting outside is your thing, we have you (un)covered.